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This site defines what the heck Calkins Computer Consulting/Bill Calkins does. Mainly I help people and businesses use their investments in technology to save time and money.

I've been in the business for 25 years and really find the tech industry fascinating. I enjoy getting to know new programming languages (currently Swift) and architectures (MVC, MVC-N and MVVM). I've worked extensively will mobile applicaitons (mainly iOS), MS.NET and Java/JBoss to build web solutions. My most recent work is on the My Amfam app which has a 4.7 rating in the Apple App Store. Writing iOS apps for the enterprise is a challenge. Bridging the slow moving world of the enterprise to the fast moving consumer world can be difficult at times but rewarding.

Being technical is only half the battle. Being able to work with people and not have them feel intimidated by technology is the other half. If a person is not comfortable with a tool, they will not use it with confidence and the tool becomes useless.

At home, I have a eight year old son that keeps me really busy. Watching him grow into an outstanding person is the main joy in my life. He amazes me daily. Luckily, I have amazing wife too. She is a great Mom and relates very easily to him; basically, I have two children ;)