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This site defines what the heck Calkins Computer Consulting/Bill Calkins does. Mainly I help people and businesses use their investments in technology to save time and money.

I've been in the business for 20 years and really find the tech industry fascinating. I enjoy getting to know new programming languages and architectures. I've worked extensively will mobile applicaitons (iOS and Android), MS.NET and Java/JBoss to build web solutions. I recently updated my BabyGender2 iOS application and published it to the Apple App Store. I have a five year old son that keeps me really busy.

I'm also working on an iPad app that would help parents gather digital assets of their child's life and assemble them in one coherent view. I have the Core Data layer built but need more time to work on that too.

Being technical is only half the battle. Being able to work with people and not have them feel dumb about technology is the other half. If a person feels dumb about a tool, they will not use it with confidence and the tool becomes useless.