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Why I'm giving my Nexus 7 to my Mom

It's been a while since my last post. I've been a little busy.

Apple released the iPad mini the retina display last month. I purchased it as soon as I could. I still like the Nexus 7 but I really missed the iOS apps. I enjoy iOS 7 and it's minimalist UI motif. I will miss the Google Play UI and functionality on my tablet but I can access Google Play Music on my iPhone 5s now

App parity is close between iOS and Android but, the app developed for iOS just seem more polished. Developer first write mobile apps for iOS and then Android; and it shows. 1Password and Mint.com are gorgeous apps on iOS but are duds on Android. Devs will go where the money is and at this time it is with iOS. It is strange how Apple has turned that around. 

I will be giving my Nexus 7 to Mom along with my Chromecast. The Chromecast is a good idea but cannot be implemented in my house given my AV setup. In my movie room I have a projection system the seperates the audio and video. The Chromecast assume both go through HDMI. In my front room the wifi signal is too weak to support streaming. My parent have TVs that use HDMI for both video and audio. I can add my mom on my Netflix accout and she'll have a great streaming/movie watching device.

My next post will be why PhoneGap/Backbone and the hybrid model of mobile apps sucks really bad.

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