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First Week with the Apple Watch

I was lucky enough to get an Apple Watch in the first round of shipping. I had to use my Fitbit to wake me up at 2am on April 9 and I haven't used it since. 

The Apple Watch is the best watch I've ever owned but it does not feel revolutionary. When I got the first iPhone in 2007 it felt revolutionary. You could tell it would change everything; and it has. The Apple Watch is very handy for quick information but some of the app extension load painfully slow.

The handiest part of the watch has been the "modular" watch face which has your next event displayed in the middle of the watch face with the room number. This has saved me a ton of time as I run from meeting to meeting try to find the room. 

In the above image, the room number would be display in the "No events today" line.

For me, that one line has saved me from pulling my iPhone out of my pocket numerous times.

Your milage may vary but, if you can swing it, I would get an Apple Watch.

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